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Level One

Basic Parrot First Aid






This guide if for basic parrot first aid, to have in stock a first aid kit for your bird, and how to treat.


To administer emergency first aid with a sick parrot or bird. This is only a guide and should not replace a visit to your avian vet.


Bleeding - To stop a bleeding nail or pulled feather - we use cornflower placed on the bleed.

Breathing problems – Use a travel crate and cover nebulize the bird with saline solution until you can contact your avian vet.(don not hold bird as this can affect breathing )

Rapid Weight Loss – Use recovery formula and a parrot first aid supplement such as guardian angel or poly aid. Weight your parrot and crate in quarantine crate with heat lamp and contact your local avian vet.

Feather Loss or Plucking – If your parrot is not losing feathers as part of the usual moult or has started to pluck contact your avian vet for a full health check.

This is a very basic guide for emergency first aid until you have spoken to a vet, for further information on basic first aid, can us  at

The first signs of ill health in a parrot are –

  •        Change in behavior,
  •        Fluffed up feathers,
  •        Weight loss,
  •       Change in the birds dropping’s



Cotton Wool, Corn flower, Heat Lamp, Aloe Vera Gel, Travel Crate, Collar, Tweezers, Saline Solution, Sickness Supplements, Recovery Formula, F10 Cleaning Solution, Nebulizer.  No of avian vet


Other Resources

You can also purchase a basic first aid DVD by Dr G Burkett go  to

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