Real Life Parrot Tales

Real Life Parrot Tales

Zubi and His Mom 

This is Zubi and he has been a Parrotlife client for many years,

he is a very cheeky chap and every one that meets him falls in love.  

We do have Zubi Fan club here at Parrotlife !

Erica and John's Story

John and Erica have lived together for 15 years and a couple of months ago John contacted Parrotlife, seeking some advice with Erica's constant screaming.  Erica's dad was very upset and could not stop Erica from constantly screaming, John booked a parrot clinic session with myself and we are currently working with Erica and John.  

Month 1.  After visiting Erica we looked at her diet and overall condition, her behaviour, and living enviroment.

Update: Erica is a very highly strung female blue and gold macaw and has a great living environment, she is very fussy with food  and just loves to eat the parts of her seed that she likes and not what is good for her.  She loves her dad very much but also  in breeding mode, combined with over bonding to dad the screaming was at epic proportions.

Month 2.  John used a plug in remedy and tweeked her diet (diet can effect your parrots behaviour) over the next couple of weeks.  We  worked together to set up some enrichment ideas in Erica's cage.

Update: John has now got Erica on a Parrotlife recommended diet, and she is now using foraging techniques to enrich her life (John needs more boxes)! 

Month 3.  Parrot Clinic out and about with Erica.

Update:  John and Erica attended another parrot clinic this time to teach Erica how to step up and to accept a travel crate,  and I can say she did brilliantly.  She understands the concept of the travel crate and learnt the Step Up technique,  will keep you all posted ...........


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  • Dawn Grantham

    Dawn Grantham 09/11/2015

    Johns Update....
    I saw dawns name on a site offering to help with parrot problems, i contacted her as i was at the end of my tether with my b&g macaw. Erica is fifteen years old and was called eric before laying six six eggs, my problem was /is a bird that screams when i leave her, dawn visited and instructed me in things i could do to improve the situation also where not to tickle her as she was not treating me as a leader but as a mate, i followed dawns instructions , placing lots more toys in her cage and on top when she,s out , she loves destroying cardboard boxes, with treats , little toys , and anything safe i put in there , i then took erica over to dawns to have her wings and nails clipped , when this was done , dawn placed her on a stand and showed me how to get her to step up onto my arm , things have greatly improved , erica , my patience, and ericas diet , which i have started to change ,she still has her moments , but we are getting there and i am making a stand , so i can move her round the house a bit more

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