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Hi all and welcome to the Parrot Rescue UK Blog 

Here's a little true story which might help explain what we do.

    We at Parrot Rescue received a call about a Cockatoo who we have nicknamed Tiny Tim. He had recently lost his forever carer who is believed to have lived with for some 30 plus years, having been purchased from a pet shop in the late 70's early 80's.

Now at the time the owner purchased him, the information and food she was told to feed him was probably correct so she had fed him this food for thirty odd years.

We must remember this is no ones fault, the research that has been done over the last 30 years shows us that the food he was having probably wasn't or isn't now the best food for him.(Parrot Diet)

Unfortunately and Our condolences to the family the owner has passed away so the family decided it was better for tiny to be re-homed, as they where unable to look after him and give him the attention and care he needs. So they asked Parrot Rescue UK to take him and signed him over to our care.

One of our members then drove the 300 mile round trip to pick tiny Tim up and found a small slightly feathered parrot, they kept him overnight and we did a quick but thorough check up the next day. He seems to be in a reasonable condition apart from being bald over most of his body and damaging what is called a blood feather, blood feathers can continually bleed but we managed to get this under control with out having a trip to the avian vet although this may still happen if it starts to bleed to often or isn't caught quick enough.(Parrot First Aid)

It was then decided that he would go back with the members to there home. Where he needs to be kept basically in a quarantine as they have three of their own parrots of which two are rescues, but tiny still needs to be kept a close check on so they are having to spend time with him taking it in turn to sit with him or check up on him and then cleaning and sterilising there hands before spending time with their own parrots.(Safe Products)

Tiny Tim is making a little progress in the fact that he has taken well to his special needs diet and seems to be enjoying this, he also seems to be getting used to seeing other humans around him as he has stopped hissing every time they go near him although he still doesnot like hands near him as one of the members found out while changing his food and water (he now has a finger thats twice the size it should be lol) tiny will stop with the family for a while until he regains his strength and hopefully a few feathers.

Story to be continued..... 

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